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Barber Chair, Bannack, Montana. Vlack and white photograph

Barber Chair, 1996. Bannack, Montana


This interior in the ghost town of Bannack, Montana, presents a typical problem with controlling excessive contrast. I exposed Kodak Tri-X 4x5 film with ample exposure to give good separation in the shadows and gave the negative Normal minus 2 development using the SLIMT process to control the highlights and yield a smooth, full-detail negative. Images of this type, which have received softer contrast development of the negative, usually benefit greatly from the use of a Shadow Contrast Increase Mask exposure after the basic exposure is made on the printing paper. This technique brings life into the shadows and enhances a tactile feel to the print in general. An accurate pin-registration carrier system is needed especially for this kind of mask. I use the Precision pin-registration carrier system for all of my masking work.



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