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Clouds Over Murphy Point, 1995. Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Clouds Over Murphy Point, 1995. Canyonlands National Park, Utah


The old dirt road leading to Murphy Point in Canyonland's Island-In-The-Sky district has been closed to vehicular traffic for a number of years now. It's about a two mile hike to this spectacular viewpoint overlooking the "white rim" far below. I noticed some interesting cloud shapes rapidly moving over this pristine landscape and quickly set up my 4x5 view camera in anticipation of a potential photograph. As the clouds moved into position above Candlestick Tower and the bright cliff-edges of the deep-cut canyons below, I exposed a single negative on Tri-X film using an orange filter. With only seconds to spare, I exposed a second negative using a vertical composition. After looking at the proofs, I decided that the horizontal image better displayed the vastness of this wondrous landscape. Recent prints of this image are made on variable contrast paper and toned in selenium to achieve a hint of cool brown print color. I use localized print bleaching in order to enhance the intensity of the "white rim" edges. This helps to maximize the effect of the reflecting forms of the white rim with the sweeping clouds.


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