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Monument Basin and Storm

Monument Basin and Storm, 1982. Canyonlands National Park, Utah


The remote wilderness area known as Monument Basin is located on the White Rim, a rugged area accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicle or hiking trail. This image was exposed on 4x5 tri-x film and given normal minus one development  in Kodak HC-110 developer. I believe I used a yellow filter. A stronger filter might have reduced the three-dimensional effect of the extreme distances by overly cutting through the distant haze. I feel the storm clouds enhance the mood of this image. On another trip to the same area, I made a nearly identical exposure of this same subject, but without the storm clouds. Comparing the two, the image without the storm appears bland and sterile. I used a shadow contrast increase mask and a fog mask to achieve the delicate tactile values in both the shadows and highlights of this image.
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