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Storm Over Shoshone Pt., 1995. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


While working on a poster project for Grand Canyon National Park, I was told about a viewpoint called Shoshone Point. It is about a half mile off the highway via hiking trail. I waited for hours with my 4x5 view camera set up on a rock outcropping in hopes that the changing weather conditions would yield good image opportunities. Within minutes of shooting this photograph, I also shot the image used for the National Park poster. Shortly after shooting this image it began to snow so I quickly packed up the camera and headed back to the car. This negative was a bit under-exposed and low in contrast. With the help of various contrast masks I was able to achieve a good luminous print. I used a shadow contrast increase mask (SCIM) in the dark mid-foreground area to enhance the local contrast and bring a crisp, lively feel to the shadowed mesa. I also used a fog mask to diminish the brightness of the foreground towards the bottom edge of the image. To achieve the necessary brightness of the sunlit ridge in the background, I made an inkjet dodge mask, with magenta color (to enhance local contrast) to accurately brighten the entire sunlit area and some of the snow clouds.

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