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Vancouver, Twilight, 1997. Vancouver, British Columbia. Color Photograph

Vancouver, Twilight, 1997. Vancouver, British Columbia


Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia provides a beautiful view of downtown Vancouver which seems to change from minute-to-minute. Shortly after sunset I noticed that the tide was low, revealing a glowing green mossy landscape in the foreground and the glitter of Vancouver's twilight in the background. I shot this photograph with a 4x5 Super Cambo view camera on Fuji Provia transparency film. The contrast and some local saturation and brightness were adjusted in the high resolution scan using Adobe Photoshop. Photographs of this sort require the right timing. If taken too soon after sunset, the sky will usually be too bright without any semblance of tone or color. If taken too late after sunset, the city lights will often be blown out to pure white and the sky and other detail is often lost to pure black.


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