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Because of my confidence in the quality of the images sold on this website, I guarantee your satisfaction with any and all original prints purchased from this website. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with the original print, please return it, carefully packed and in perfect condition, within 14 days of receipt from me and I will gladly replace the print with another print of equal value (either the same image or a different one - your choice). Unfortunately, I cannot refund any shipping charges you may incur in sending the print back to me. To this day I have had a 100% satisfaction rate. I am offering this guarantee based on my understanding that images viewed on the internet cannot, by their very nature, exactly match an original print.

Limited edition information: All original prints on this site (and the same images available through various representatives) are now being printed in limited editions. The edition limit for all images is 100, numbered 1 through 100 on the back of the print mount, with an additional ten prints being produced as "artist proofs" lettered A through J. Artist proofs are not for sale. All existing and previously purchased Radeka prints, of the same images featured on this website, are considered part of the edition (prints are numbered on the back of the mount). Prints will still be made on a per order basis only, meaning that the entire edition of 100 prints is NOT pre-printed in advance. This allows for different size images being available within the edition, and different mediums (ie. digital type-C and Archival Inkjet for color prints options) as well as differences in printing styles and interpretations over the course of time. It also means that it is entirely possible that a given image will never reach it's edition limit. The negatives will not be cancelled after an edition is complete, but will still be available for unlimited reproduction use such as posters, notecards, calendars, etc. (which is not considered part of the original print edition limits).

All original black and white prints are personally printed and signed by Lynn Radeka. All prints are meticulously dry mounted on appropriate size 100% rag, white museum quality board and include a matching bevel-cut window overmat. All prints are prepared to meet archival standards. The actual print sizes indicated below are only approximations as each image is adjusted in size for maximum appeal. Mat sizes are fixed, however. Please note that frames are not included in the prices above.

Color prints are printed under the direct supervision of Lynn Radeka. These are either "type-C" digital prints, or archival inkjet prints. Type C digital prints are printed on high quality, glossy Fuji Crystal Archival paper, utilizing the latest digital printing technology from high-resolution files (scanned from original transparencies) produced and optimized by Lynn Radeka. All color prints (except wall size murals) are mounted on acid-free white museum board with archival tape on the corners (not dry mounted) and the bevel cut window overmat defines the cropped image. These crisp, brilliant prints are stunning examples of modern state-of-the-art color printing technology combined with the eloquence of traditional color transparencies.

Archival Inkjet Color Prints. These color prints are printed by Lynn Radeka, using the latest archival inkjet processes. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, these remarkable prints exhibit crisp, clear values and brilliant colors throughout. The longevity of these prints, if properly stored and protected, is equal to that of traditional archival color prints. Any of the color images on this website may be ordered as "Archival Inkjet Color Prints", at a cost less than Type-C digital prints. All prints are mounted on acid-free white museum board as above (not dry mounted) and the bevel cut window overmat defines the cropped image. Currently only the two smaller print size options are available as Archival Inkjet Color Prints.

Wall size murals are printed in four panels, each panel approximately 4 feet by 8 feet. Each panel is mounted on hard but lightweight Gator Board with wooden cleats glued to the back (for precise hanging). The four panels join together almost seamlessly to give the viewer the impression of one continuous 8 feet by 16 feet image. The results are quite impressive. Please call or e-mail me for pricing on sizes not listed above.


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