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These new online photography workshops will be tailored to the beginning through advanced photographer desiring the highest possible quality output from film or digital files. Whether you shoot film with a traditional camera, or digital files with a digital camera, this workshop will show how to produce digital files of optimum quality for the production of fine-art, high quality prints or for maximum impact display on websites.

The workshop will be held entirely online, through and is currently planned as a 4 week course. Designed to be taught at a pace that YOU are comfortable with, this unique workshop will cover high quality scanning of original transparencies or negative film, shooting for optimum quality and resolution if you're using a digital camera, and essential image editing techniques (through the use of Photoshop or a number of other image editing programs). Lynn Radeka will provide instructions in how to optimize your files for maximum quality to produce fine-art inkjet prints, Lightjet (type C laser) prints, or for use on the web or in CD/DVD slideshows and multimedia programs.
Some of the elements that will be taught or included in this workshop are:
  • How to achieve a high quality scan from your negative or print
  • How to use your digital camera to achieve the best possible exposures for maximum quality and high dynamic range
  • How to optimize your digital files in an image editing program (whether from scans or directly from digital cameras)
  • How to blend two exposures of a high contrast image to achieve delicate highlight and shadow detail beyond the capabilities of a single exposure (achieve an expanded dynamic range in your final image)
  • How to shoot and combine several images into a high-resolution, finely detailed panorama
  • Basic color management techniques to achieve the best possible colors in your print or multimedia files
  • How to use your inkjet printer to achieve high quality fine art color prints
  • How to optimize your digital files for maximum impact and detail on the web
  • Weekly assignments will be given to each participant, geared to his or her experience and type of camera capture
  • How to properly mount and display your final prints
  • How to produce slideshows, CD and DVD presentations of your work for viewing on computers, websites or televisions
  • A gallery of your workshop images will be displayed on (ranked on the very first page in Google and Yahoo!) for an extended period after each workshop is over, assuring a huge viewing audience of your work
  • An online discussion program will be available for real-time conversation with Lynn Radeka and other workshop participants
  • Each participant will receive a high quality slideshow of their work, including up to 25 images of their choice, after the conclusion of the workshop
  • And, finally, each participant will receive a signed and mounted special edition original color print by Lynn Radeka
The registration fee for this workshop is estimated to be $350 and is limited to 10 participants. This fee may change when the workshop series is launched.

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