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Road, Rain Forest. North Cascades Foothills, Washington. Limited edition black and white photograph

Road, Rain Forest, 1999. North Cascades Foothills, Washington


I spotted this luminous moss-covered dirt road winding through a dense rain forest in the North Cascades foothills as I was driving along one of the quiet backroads of Washington state. The clean, dense rain forest helped accentuate the graceful curved road. I visualized the photograph as a fairly high key image. I used my 4x5 Super Cambo view camera fitted with a Schneider 121mm Super Angulon lens and Kodak Tri-X film. I also used a green filter to help lift the deep green forest values to a brighter gray value. Careful printing must be done to achieve a successful print. I use a Shadow Contrast Increase Mask and a Fog Mask along with a moderately soft contrast paper to achieve a gentle balance of lively, silvery values throughout the photograph.


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