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"A week in Death Valley at Lynn’s workshop was also like a retreat. Besides learning from a master photographer with over 50 years of expertise, I consider his workshops also a retreat, as I find them very therapeutic. Every artist should go out of their comfort zone to achieve their best potential. Exploring the diversity and challenges of DV expands a photographer’s knowledge in how to shoot in different light settings but also the awarness that one must have before taking a photograph." Mari Calai, VA

"The Lynn Radeka Death Valley workshop that I attended was the best workshop I have had the privilege to be a part of. I felt welcomed and included from the moment I arrived. Lynn is exceedingly knowledgeable about both Death Valley and photography, both of which are invaluable for a workshop leader. More importantly, he is caring and attentive. He is also fun and has a sense of humor. I would highly recommend any of his workshops.

Ron Gaut was the co-leader of the workshop and added an additional layer of expertise and helpfulness. He was cheerful, considerate, and offered good advice." Chris Baird, OR

"I recently had the opportunity to experience a private workshop in Death Valley National Park with Lynn Radeka. I have attended photography workshops with other photographers over the past 5 years but I must say that this workshop was much different than most. Upon working together at the workshop I realized that I was in for more than an opportunity to shoot great images. I realized that Lynn was all about "vision" as a photographer and I would need to reorient myself from looking at large panoramic landscapes and teach myself to look at the landscape in a completely different way. Textures, patterns, shapes, contrasts, shadows became dominant themes as we walked among the Death Valley landscape. We stopped at many of the same spots he would have taken groups of workshop participants and he encouraged me to look for other spots to stop where I could grow my creative focus. At each stop Lynn would show me things or ask what I saw and give me a chance to compose an image before providing a highly constructive critique of what I composed. He would make sure that he gave me his advice and showed me things that I may have missed in the area we were shooting. I also had the opportunity to follow him through a landscape and see the things that jumped out at him. As the days wore on, I found myself getting better at the compositions and moving away from those cliché images that all photographers shoot and shooting images of things that were novel, nuanced and unique in the landscapes. I understood that I needed to take my time and develop an awareness of the landscape around me and then isolate and compose images in my mind (and with the black viewing card he provided at the start of the workshop). I learned to use all of my senses and then try and express my feelings and emotions in the photograph based on how the area made me feel. So, although my photographic vision still enjoys capturing the grand landscapes that places like Death Valley are chock full of, I also came away from the workshop with a better idea of how I could capture things that represented a new way of seeing that same environment. I now look forward to continuing to work on the ideas that were introduced to me by Lynn and hope that his mentorship and encouragement will allow me to really expand my capabilities as an artist. Lastly, I would add that spending a week with Lynn is awesome and easy. I feel like I walked away with a new friend and colleague and the many hours we spent shooting, talking while we drove, sat in scenic areas and ate lunch, and just wandered through beautiful landscapes will be treasured memories for me and my wife. I look forward to my next workshop experience with Lynn and highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their photographic skills and vision." Robert Buckheit

"I'm thrilled to have spent the week with Lynn in Death Valley for a one-on-one workshop. The preparation he did ahead of time understanding the areas in which I wanted to improve as well as my style and aesthetic made the workshop so valuable. Not only did I come out with great images and an insider’s tour of the park, but most importantly, I improved as a photographer. Both my composition and my technique were noticeably better from the images at the start of the workshop to the end. Even in challenging conditions, Lynn knew exactly where to go. Because there was no pressure to see every site, we had the flexibility to work locations until we got the exposure we wanted. Thank you for your time and your expertise." Mark S.

"Lynn, I can't say enough about the great time Tom Carroll and I had with you on this workshop." Ron Santini

"My partner, the Great Santini, and I just concluded an excellent, 5-day, fine-art-photography workshop in Death Valley National Park with Lynn Radeka. Lynn has been photographing the Western U.S. for over 50 years and specifically Death Valley. Consequently, he is hugely qualified to lead a photo workshop in the park. Lynn took us to little known regions of the park that were not packed out by the unwashed masses. Moreover, Lynn concentrated on identifying well-balanced compositions before making a photograph. Lynn’s workshops have a limited number of participants; consequently, he has ample time to spend with each participant. Santini and I look forward to attending another of his many workshops that he conducts across the Western U.S. The Death Valley workshop that we attended was every bit as enjoyable as it was instructive." Tom Carroll

"I thought the section on the work of Lynn Radeka was especially interesting with its inclusion of technical info. Many thanks!" Mike Spencer, regarding a recent Lynn Radeka article in Frames Magazine

"Lynn, I so very much enjoyed the November 2020 trip to Death Valley. After my first backpacking trip to Yosemitte, during my first year of college I was struck with a deeply disorienting feeling. Returning to college after such an experience was very difficult. I could not decide where reality was for me, the beauty of nature I had experienced or my college trek. Where should I spend my time? This is much the same way I felt after your sharing with me Death Valley. Additionally, being around others on a similar mission into learning and delving deeper into photography, being gently led by you was for me true joy. Seeing your photographic works and those from others on the trip was another inspiration." Allen Levin, CA

"This was the best workshop I've participated in.  It was hands on, in the field, with expert help, tips & guidance. It was also fun & personal. Lynn's knowledge of the Death Valley area was essential in locating the many jewels of this desert world. When the weather changed we just adapted and were taken to another great spot.  Whether it was expansive scenes, sculpted hillside erosion or the details in the cracked mud, Lynn gave us the tools (literally) for visualizing & framing compositions. This and exposure/focus control  really gave me the confidence that I needed. Whether you shoot film or digital, I highly recommend Lynn's workshops." Daniel Swiger, CA

"What an opportunity for me to participate in your workshop. Everything I was expecting materialized. I must say that your keen sense and guidance to visualization was precisely the prescription I needed. This workshop was a very long sought after personal fullfillment - bucket list level. Lynn so very grateful to you." Dr. Mordy Dunst, CA

"I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation of your generosity. The longer I'm back from Death Valley, the more I realize how important a time that was--and that I learned and got some pretty good shots out of it. While I was there, I was very much in the "flow" state, and now that I've returned I can see how engrossed I was. I've been out shooting since, with a lot of what you said--and Ron, too, and Jerry--hovering in my mind. I wanted to get some feedback from a master, and that's exactly what I got. I think you should really understand, too, that to me, your continued conversation is unique and, frankly, of inestimable value. I feel like I finally found a teacher, and I respect you for it. I also really appreciate your comments on the photos (or the scans, as they are so far), and I'm excited about using the masking kit. The whole of Death Valley feels like not only a project, but perhaps a breakthrough, and certainly a stepping over a threshold into a new way of seeing and, more importantly, of living. I see the work with my negatives stretching over the year, and I'm glad for it. I know I'll take the workshop experience to Capitol Reef, too." Sean Patrick Hill, KY

"Fantastic workshop and I managed to get quite a few keepers. If you ever get a chance to attend one of Lynn's workshops take it - I can't recommend them enough." Robert McLean, CA

"I really enjoyed the discussions and photographing with you as well. I found you very helpful in the field even when I just listened to your conversations with the others! The way you talk about composition and the different elements in a photograph gave me plenty to think about. Now I am truly inspired to clean out my garage and set up an area to print. (I'll also get some proper tools to work on my digital images.) I know if I have some good negatives from this past week, I will want to arrange some time with you for hands-on learning about the masking techniques." P. Jeffrey Ungar, CA

"Thank you Lynn. It has a been great experience attending your recent workshop in Death Valley. Besides having taken back some wonderful memories, I have been able to learn about photo in another light." Ashit Gwalani, Spain

"One of the best workshops I've ever attended, Lynn is a Master and he has a profound knowledge of Death Valley. We photographed daily for nearly 12 hours, sometimes sunrise to sunset, exploring places such as the Mesquite Dunes, Zabriskie Point and Titus Canyon. It was absolutely amazing! Everything was perfectly organized and it was a wonderful introduction to one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. All the other participants were fantastic and the time together around the evening campfires was simply a dream come true for me. I highly recommend enhancing your photographic skills and travels in Death Valley with Lynn's workshops! You won’t regret it!" Paolo Bianchi, Italy

"I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the “Death Valley” workshop. It was money well spent. The time in the field with you amd Ron Gaut, and the other “workshoppers”, and the evening gatherings were great. The “four wheel” trips into the areas we photographed were places I would not have found, or ventured to on my own. The help and suggestions that you and Ron made: both in the field and during our evening print reviews was very helpful and encouraging. Since returning home, I have told many friends about my enjoyable experiences at this workshop, and recommended that they consider attending one in the future. Thanks to you, (and Ron) for a very memorable time, and maybe some “wallhanger images”!"
Norm Walker, Ontario, Canada

"Lynn, the carrier system just arrived, in great shape. I’m very impressed with the quality of your workmanship and it fits perfectly and firmly into my Saunders LPL enlarger head without any need for an anchoring system or light blocking tape. I especially appreciate your taking the time to give me a “one-on-one” workshop in your darkroom and letting me be involved in the various steps. Your unique pin-register masking system is going to give me a powerful tool to expand my ability to make beautiful prints. I’m looking forward to showing you one soon." Terry W. Greene – Photographer/Architect, AZ

"The contrast masking workshop was worth every penny. I now have a new defentition of what a fine art print is supposed to look like and a new methodology to acheive it. Lynn is the expert! He is a great teacher that made sure we completely understood the process." Jerry Sheridan, AZ

"I had the privilege of attending the Death Valley 2013 Workshop with Lynn and many others. Some shot digital, medium format and large format. As mostly a large format shooter I did not feel pressured to hurry and in fact it was just the opposite. That is the magic of taking a workshop with Lynn. He knows so much about shooting all formats he intuitively knows your individual needs and makes sure they are accommodated. I have attended several photography workshops and none can compare to the friendly yet hard working experience Lynn provides. He is planning another Workshop in 2014 and I have already cleared my calendar in October." Jerry Sheridan, AZ

I shot 28 sheets of 8x10 film, an unprecedented number for me at any time or outing. We had a fantastic time and will cherish our experience forever. Your knowledge of Death Valley and photography greatly enriched our experience.The workshop forum will be a great way to keep in touch and share some images. We also really enjoyed the banter around the campfire and made friends for life at this workshop. You are a great inspiration to me to continue to refine my craft and look forward to working with you in the future." Jerry Sheridan, AZ

"The 2013 Death Valley workshop was invaluable to me. I had thought I was fairly good at making the aesthetic and technical exposure decisions necessary to make a decent landscape photograph. However spending several days in a row with Lynn exploring all kinds of interesting locations, I learned there are finer points to be learned…and they’re significant. Lynn’s style is not to lecture but to let you explore the great places he takes you and then give you as much or as little guidance as you’d like. Then end the day with some good food around a campfire and you have a really enjoyable experience with one of the best and most humble landscape photographers I know of. I will go again if I get the chance!" Mark Larsen, NY

"I wanted to reiterate to you all that I had a wonderful time on our workshop..... I’ve attended a lot of workshops over the years and I must say that this group clicked better than any before. Thanks to Lynn for hosting the workshop. And thanks to Jeff and Doug Steinwand... for your company and hard work. I had a fantastic time with you and the rest of the gang. The photography experience was also exceptional. I’m looking forward to working on some images this weekend. I’ll also upload some to the Death Valley workshop website. And I look forward to seeing everyone else’s images posted. Again, thanks for a great week in Death Valley." Ron Gaut, Orange, CA

"Lynn; Thanks so much for your hospitality and the terrific workshop. I also appreciate the time that you and Steve took to critique my prints. This critique along with the "hands-on" training in the darkroom has certainly expanded my view of what can be achieved with the "fine-art" print. I am now looking forward to getting back to the darkroom and applying the many masking techniques that you taught me----especially on some of my many "problem" prints. Finally, please pass on my thanks to Steve for his contributions to the success of this workshop. In summary I really enjoyed working with both of you and will be looking for future opportunities to work with you both again." Jim Glaze

"I am looking forwatd to working with the new tools I learned about at your workshop. I think I learned more new appplicable things in that weekend than in many years." Eric Wiswell, NM

"I want to thank you for an incredible weekend. Your workshop has significantly changed my expectations for my B&W darkroom work, and I am certain, the direction of my photography in general. The specific control your techniques lend to the wet darkroom have been a huge revelation for me. What first sounded like a complex, time consuming process, has turned out be a very intuitive and enjoyable way of optimizing the vision of a print. I will recommend this workshop to anyone interested in creating fine B&W prints." Steve Hicks, AZ

"Complete, Concise and Enlightening. Lynn's masking workshop opened up a whole new world of printing. I left silver printing for platinum because I could not get the rich tonal qualities from standard silver printing paper. I needed six hands just to dodge and burn a single print. Repeatability? Forget it! But now, because of Lynn's masking kits and techniques, I'm able to print beautiful silver prints, full of the subtle tonalities and expression usually only found in the finest platinum prints. Printing from Zone 2 to Zone 15 on the same negative is no problem. If the information is on the negative, you can print it with very little dodging or burning! All, with accurate repeatbility. Now, my customers get the same print as in the catalogue or on the wall. Every aspect of the print remains the same, unless you decide to change it! From rich, full highlights to deep, moody shadows - precision printing from your traditional darkroom!" David Milton, CA

"Your love for photography is pure and true and completely evident even after all these years of doing. It was great seeing someone with the mastery you've achieved get that child-like excitement upon seeing a print evolve. That's what it's all about. Passion! We're lucky and blessed to have it. The workshop was just what I thought it would be. A pure time saver. I think anyone serious about masking is missing the boat by not taking it." Robert "Bobby" Sandstrom, CA

"I would like to thank you again for taking the time needed to show all the types of masks needed for my oak tree photo! I had given up on that image years ago and now I am looking forward to hanging it on the wall. By the way, my wife likes it now. You opened my eyes as to what is possible with the right tools. The information you gave us is priceless!" Tony Beckesh, AZ


Carrier System and Masking Kit Testimonials

"Beautifully designed, elegantly simple, gorgeous in its precision and repeatability--Radeka's combination registration printer and negative carrier will greatly simplify the masking process. It will delight persons dedicated to the epitome of photographic art." - Dennis McNutt - photographer, author, teacher

"Lynn, the carrier system just arrived, in great shape. I’m very impressed with the quality of your workmanship and it fits perfectly and firmly into my Saunders LPL enlarger head without any need for an anchoring system or light blocking tape. I especially appreciate your taking the time to give me a “one-on-one” workshop in your darkroom and letting me be involved in the various steps. Your unique pin-register masking system is going to give me a powerful tool to expand my ability to make beautiful prints. I’m looking forward to showing you one soon." - Terry W. Greene – Photographer/Architect

"Have received your package and just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done! Over the years I have purchased self published content, videos, and so forth from various photographers. Yours is the most thoughtfully produced and packaged that I have seen. Have only had time to "skim" through the material this weekend but am looking forward to buckling down to serious study in the coming weeks." - Victor Mitchell - photographer

"Every now 'n then there is an incident in life that seems to change ones direction for the betterment. Ansel Adams: 'The Negative' book was one incident, contact with you and your process has evolved as another. You have given me a lot to work on, with new meaning. Your manual reads of logical applications and presents methods for the results that I could mever before have achieved. It's exciting stuff." - Tony Gardiner - photographer

"Lynn, your registration carrier system is the one thing I can't live without in the darkroom. I could go back to graded paper. I could go back to a cold light head. I could go back to a condenser enlarger, but I would never be without one of your registration carriers! I have two (one with regular glass and one with anti newton ring glass) and am going to get another in case something happens to one." - Anthony Beckesh - photographer

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how THRILLED I am with your Precision - and I emphasize PRECISION - Pin Registration System with Anti-Newton Glass. ELEGANT is the word that comes to mind to describe the build quality and design. The plethora of information available in the Masking Kit which came with it really teases the imagination. In fact, after 1 day with your system I realized that imagination is the only limitation. With your system I am able to control any and all aspects of my negative down to the smallest detail. It's exciting to know you can have this much control. I smile just thinking of all the possibilites! Thanks for designing and sharing such a wonderful tool!" - Robert Sandstrom - photographer

"The registration system works perfectly. I love the idea that the original negative doesn't have to be perforated. The masks were very easy to do and printing was very simple. The results were wonderful! I'm very happy with the possibilities that your system opens for my photographic expression and how simple it is to work with." - Alberto Rodriguez - photographer

"I entered my darkroom 6 am last Sunday, and crawled out at 6 pm. I was using your masking system, and I'm happy to say that I am hooked. I feel as if a portal has just opened up for me!" - Roy Pope - photographer

"This carrier has entirely eliminated registration problems for me, which I occasionally experienced even with my expensive Condit system. It is beautifully constructed and easy to use, and Lynn's tech support is generous and timely. Highly recommended." - Bruce Pottorff - photographer

"I purchased your precision holder/carrier system and am using it successfully with my Saunders LPL. It gives me rock solid perfect alignment (registration) every time!" - Scott Walton - photographer

"The engineering and the workmanship of this product is superb. This device will completely solve many of the darkroom challenges that each of us have endured for years. The price is a bargain when one realizes how much photographic paper one will save over a years time. Even more important is the great improvement in quality that anyone can see in the vastly improved prints. I give it my highest recommendation." - Jerry Cunningham - photographer, author

"I have to say that I am impressed by the precision and craftsmanship of the unit. By the way, it will also serve me as a glass carrier for my Zone VI enlarger (for regular printing without masks), since Calumet unfortunately never offered a glass carrier for it." - Arne Croll - photographer

"...your negative carrier will solve one of my other problems also. I have an LPL/Saunders enalrger, but the Saunders 4x5 negative carrier for my 4x5 negatives slightly crops into the negatives. With yours I can see the entire 4x5 neg." - Chip McDaniel - photographer

"I found your system to be easy to use and very effective; I'm getting good results straight away. There appear to be plenty of good photographers out there but the number of good photographers that are good printers is very much smaller. Having the tools made possible by your system enables us to rethink our prints. The result is that good prints can be made to be excellent prints." - Terrance Hounsell - photographer

"I want to compliment you on the quality, clarity and completeness of your photo masking kit. I bought one a few months ago and it's helped me get over my considerable resistance to all the fuss and bother of masking. I'm a convert. With masking, it really is possible to get from "interesting, but not quite" to "right on!" Chris Miller - Photographer, Thornton, PA

"As a long time teacher, I deem Lynn's contrast masking manual a master-work of clarity and completeness. Masking can appear as daunting as it is promising to the newcomer but Lynn has obviously worked very hard to make his kit the asset and ally of every student. Adding the fact that he promptly responds to all emails with enthusiasm, patience and detailed answers, I think it safe to conclude that Lynn is a master teacher as well as a master photographer. That conclusion has led me to sign up for his masking workshop which I greatly look forward to!" Robert B. Taylor - Photographer, Ukiah, CA

"It is a great resource and the best I have seen due to its completeness. Not only do you provide the text description of various masks and their application but you also provide the registration pins and material to actually construct the registration contact printer/negative carrier that is required. I found the ink jet pictures to be outstanding examples of what to expect in terms of the progression of improvement with the application of the various masks. ....building upon the principles of the Zone System, your masking methods go way beyond the Zone System, unsharp masking or the application of bleach to selectively lighten highlights." Warren T. Dewhurst - photographer, Germantown, MD

"Lynn Radeka's masking kit is sophistication through simplicity. Just by looking at his sample images, one must agree that nobody can argue with success. The handbook and the technical articles alone make this kit a real value for the money." Ralph W. Lambrecht - photographer/author, Camera and Darkroom magazine, UK

"This is the best investment that anyone can make if they want to make quality photographs. The booklet alone is worth the price. Lynn Radeka has done a great service to the photographic community". Jerry Cunningham - photographer, Kalispell, MT

"I entered my darkroom 6 am last Sunday, and crawled out at 6 pm. I was using your masking system, and I'm happy to say that I am hooked. I feel as if a portal has just opened up for me!" Roy Pope - photographer and teacher, AZ

"Mr. Radeka has written "The Guide" to photo masking. Wow! The manual alone was worth the money......" Robert Lorimor - photographer, Bangkok, Thailand

"I have seen a number of Mr. Radeka's prints first hand and they are excellent examples of how he uses the techniques in this kit to attain the dynamism and clarity in his art. The kit is, very plainly stated, overflowing with so much information it's nearly overwhelming. I especially like the examples of his own work showing how he got to the final outcome. His detail oriented explanations make what he does seem easy." David Franco - photographer/artist, Orange, CA

"Photography is about mastering the use of light, achieving maximum control of exposure, and using the right tools to finely craft one's vision in the final print. As a serious printer of the silver gelatin process, I realized my need to utilize a higher level of technique(s) and elevate my skills in order to advance my photographic vision. The Radeka Contrast Masking Kit is far more than a few tricks, but rather a comprehensive approach to working with the masterful control of light. There comes a time in one's vision to advance their skills, becoming unwavering and absolutely dedicated to mastering the medium. This kit or "system" will take you as far as you want to go, and is worth every cent of investment. There are no shortcuts to achieving a fine print. Having the right tools is what the Radeka system is all about in my way of thinking." Mark Booth, WA

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