Southern Utah photography workshop

October 5 - 9, 2020
Open to film and digital photographers of any experience level.

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Factory Butte Juniper Fence Lynn Radeka 2017 Utah workshop

Juniper Fence and Erosion, 2017. Near Hanksville, UT. Copyright © Lynn Radeka.

Please join us for our 2020 Southern Utah photography workshop, marking Lynn Radeka's 50 years in photography! Lynn Radeka and Ron Gaut will be hosting this popular photographic workshop again, open to all photographers, traditional and digital, of any experience level. This is the season that is usually prime time for amazing fall colors in the canyons of Southern Utah with daytime and evening temperatures being ideal. This is truly a unique American West experience and photographer's paradise.

Capitol Reef National Park and the stunning and highly photogenic erosion around the Factory Butte area will be an early workshop destination for us. We will spend a minimum of one day here and very likely a portion of day 2. Motels are available (as well as showers for those who wish to camp) at nearby Hanksville. The next couple days we will be exploring the San Rafael Swell where our motel base (and showers for campers) will be Green River, UT, about 30 minutes from our destinations in the San Rafael Swell. We will visit some true highlights of the area including Goblin Valley, rarely explored canyons, petroglyphs and pictographs. Long distance hiking and dangerous, steep jeep roads will NOT be planned for this workshop.

Please check back frequently for updates to our itinerary and feel free to email Lynn Radeka if you have suggestions on potential locations. Contact Lynn Radeka

gas pump color photograph Lynn Radeka Utah

Gas Pump. Alton, Utah.
Copyright © Lynn Radeka

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This workshop is open to all photographers whether shooting large or small format black and white or color, traditional or digital! Lunches during the day will be provided by Lynn Radeka and Ron Gaut, except for occasional indoor restaurant lunches, but each participant is expected to be self-sufficient with regards to campground breakfasts, campground dinners, or all indoor dining.

Please inquire about any concerns or limitations.

Lynn and Ron will be reviewing each day's shoot on a laptop computer and commenting on possible image manipulations and improvements. Contrast masking (for photographers shooting film) will be discussed as well as other traditional developing/printing methods. Digital photographers will enjoy the array of interesting software programs and techniques we may be demonstrating as well, including focus stacking for extreme depth of field and HDR for controlling extreme contrast. More importantly, the workshop flow will be largely determined by the needs and desires of the workshop participants, ensuring a very enjoyable experience for everyone.


Rainbow Arches National Park color large format film Lynn Radeka

Rainbow Over Bluffs, 1994.
Utah. Copyright ©Lynn Radeka


Lynn will be handing out durable viewing cards (an aid in visualizing compositions) to everyone. He will be assisting attendees in obtaining the best exposures and white balance settings using RAW format for those photographers shooting digital, and zone system methods, previsualization, exposure, development, view camera controls and selection of filters to those photographers shooting traditional large format. All participants will be given a discount code for products from ProgreyUSA (world class filters and filter holders).

This photography workshop will also teach the use of contrast masking in your previsualization routine. This will help traditional photographers learn how to previsualize images with the intent of applying contrast masking (or other specialized darkroom procedures) to the final prints. Surprisingly, this often results in images being shot that otherwise might be passed up due to lack of local contrast on the scene or elements that aren't well separated from surrounding detail. The intended use of masking can alter the exposure and development given to the negative.

Tag-alongs are not allowed on this workshop except for spouses, which will be required to be self-sufficient. This workshop is limited to six paid participants. Please see the signup details below.

Factory Butte erosion mudhills sunrise  Utah Lynn Radeka

Sunrise Near Factory Butte, 2017. Utah
Copyright © Lynn Radeka


About Lynn Radeka

Influenced in his early work by Ansel Adams and Wynn Bullock, Lynn Radeka’s professional photography career spans fifty years. His love of the grand landscapes and intimate details of the American West was born on his first trip to Death Valley in 1966.

Lynn Radeka’s Black and White photography has been featured in eight National Park posters and several calendars including the calendar series Radeka: The American West and several ghost town calendars published by Browntrout publishers. In 1989 and 1990 he was commissioned to do the photography for five full-color books, resulting in a 2 year journey that took him through the back roads, historic places and ghost towns of the entire American West. Lynn also has the honor of being a featured photographer in the book publication "World's Top Photographers: Landscape" and has been published in B&W Magazine, View Camera Magazine and other photography publications.

Lynn Radeka currently teaches workshops in Death Valley, Utah and New Mexico, and Contrast Masking workshops in his home darkroom in California. He is the producer and co-author of the Contrast Masking Kit - a technical manual for traditional film-based photographers. Lynn feels completely at home using a 4x5 view camera for his film-based work and more recently a Sony A7R mirrorless camera for his digital work.

Please visit the bio page of this website for more information.

About Ron Gaut

Ron Gaut discovered the outdoors at an early age and developed a deep passion for wilderness and photography. Not surprising, with Ron's 30-year engineering background and thirst to learn about photographic processes, in the early 1990's he began to experiment with many different films, developers, silver papers and alternative processes. He quantified much of his work by sensitometric analysis to determine the film/developer and paper/developer combination properties for different film and paper development methods, submitting the results as thesis papers at a local college.

Influenced in his early work by Ansel Adams, John Sexton, Lynn Radeka, Ray McSavaney, and other contemporary "west coast" landscape masters, Ron traveled and photographed the southwest with his 4x5 view camera.

Ron Gaut is an expert in digital techniques. "I enjoy the digital workflow. However, there is a steep learning curve to becoming proficient and printing your own work is essential." Ron uses Lightroom for global adjustments and Photoshop to fine-tune his images before printing. He has firmly established himself as an accomplished photographer and printer, receiving awards and accolades from critics and through photography competitions.

Southern Utah Photography Workshop Registration

October 5 - 9, 2020

Limited to six paid participants

Inquire regarding space availability and other questions or to be placed on a reserve list

Location: Beginning in Torrey, UT.

Tuition: $1500. $750 Payment required in advance to reserve a space, remaining amount due September 26, 2020.
This workshop is expected to fill quickly.

Duration: 5+ Days.

Materials to bring: Cameras (digital or traditional),
accessories (film, storage media, changing bags),
camping equipment, gas money, breakfasts and dinners if camping.

Contact: Lynn Radeka via e-mail for questions or more information.


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