Washington State photography workshop

September 30 - October 4, 2024

Open to traditional and digital photographers of any experience level.

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Trees and Fog, North Cascades, WA Copyright © Lynn Radeka


The great Pacific Northwest! A versatile land of lush, dense rain forests, stunning snow-capped peaks, peaceful fishing villages, historic towns and lighthouses. This is the area that initially beckoned Lynn Radeka in 1974 and immediately he was hooked by the quiet beauty and charm of Washington state. Join Lynn Radeka and P. Jeffrey Ungar as we photograph the amazing North Cascades, photogenic waterfalls, river details, and the nostalgic port towns of this special section of the USA.

We will concentrate on avoiding the commonplace, mundane cliche images and help everyone see subjects in a refined way that reflects and expands their personal vision.

Baker Lake and Branches. North Cascades, WA Copyright © Lynn Radeka


Autumn Foliage, North Cascades, WA.
Copyright © Lynn Radeka


This workshop is open to all photographers whether shooting large or small format black and white or color, traditional or digital! No photographer will be rushed regardless of his/her film format or digital format and experience level.

Each participant is expected to be self-sufficient with regards to all meals including indoor dining and all lodging in historic hotels along the route. A list of hotels, including Bed and Breakfast lodging will be furnished far in advance of the workshop. Camping is also available at many locations along the route. Please inquire about any concerns or limitations.

Digital photographers will enjoy the array of interesting software programs and techniques we will be discussing as well, including focus stacking for extreme depth of field and HDR for controlling extreme contrast. More importantly, the workshop flow will be largely determined by the needs and desires of the workshop participants, ensuring a very enjoyable experience for everyone.

This workshop, like all Radeka Photography workshops, stresses learning in the field by actually doing. We will not waste a full day of photographing by giving formal "classroom lectures" as many other workshops do. The only exception being a print review, and of course discussions in the field or during lunch/dinner. Bringing photographs, whether they be finished prints or simply proof sheets, is strongly recommended but not a necessity.

Tag-alongs are not allowed on this workshop except for spouses, which will be required to be self-sufficient. This workshop is limited to eight paid participants. Please see the signup details below.


Mt. Shuksan and Moon, WA
. Copyright © Lynn Radeka


Lynn will be handing out durable viewing cards (an aid in visualizing compositions) to everyone. Assisted by P. Jeffrey Ungar, he will be helping attendees obtain the best exposures and white balance settings using RAW format for those photographers shooting digital, and zone system methods, previsualization, exposure, development, view camera controls and selection of filters to those photographers shooting traditional large format.

The use of contrast masking in your previsualization routine will be discussed by Lynn which will help traditional photographers learn how to previsualize images with the intent of applying contrast masking or other specialized darkroom procedures to the final print. Surprisingly, this often results in images being shot that otherwise might be passed up due to lack of local contrast on the scene or elements that aren't well separated from surrounding detail. The use of film contrast masking is particularly valuable for images with complex highlights and shadows such as those found in Washington's dense rain forests.



Basic Itinerary

The nearest, most centrally located major airport for those flying in from distant areas is Seatac (South of Seattle. between Seattle and Tacoma). Our meeting place on the first day will be near the small town of Glacier (east of Bellingham and roughly 2 hours from Seatac airport).

From Glacier we explore the North Cascades via route 542. Stunning forests and waterfalls will be photographed as well as dense rain forest areas. The road climbs to the magnificent vistas of Picture Lake and Mt. Shuksan. Further travel to Artist's Point will gain access to hours of stunning high mountain scenery in one of the most photogenic locations in the United States. Whether shooting color or B&W, this is not to be missed.

After a day of photographing this area, we head south to the North Cascades Highway (route 20) photographing fantastic areas along Baker Lake, rain forests and streams. Great opportunities for intimate landscapes or details are seen in the 2 days spent in this area of the North Cascades. Our print review session will take place, typically lasting 2 hours, during either of those two days

From there we drive west through Whidbey Island, board a car ferry to Port Townsend, and spend any extra time photographing near Port Townsend including a historic and picturesque lighthouse. Time permitting, we have the option of driving further west to Lake Crescent for a short, easy hike to Marymere Falls, and possibly further west to the Ancient Grove of old growth forest.

Driving back east, then south, we visit the quaint lumber company town of Port Gamble (reminiscent of Grandma Moses paintings).

One more car ferry will take us back to the mainland north of Seattle with multiple lodging options. From there it's only an hour to the Seatac airport.


About Lynn Radeka

Influenced in his early work by Ansel Adams and Wynn Bullock, Lynn Radeka’s professional photography career spans more than fifty years. His love of the grand landscapes and intimate details of the American West was born on his first trip to Death Valley in 1966.

Lynn Radeka’s Black and White photography has been featured in eight National Park posters and several calendars including the calendar series Radeka: The American West and several ghost town calendars published by Browntrout publishers. In 1989 and 1990 he was commissioned to do the photography for five full-color books, resulting in a 2 year journey that took him through the back roads, historic places and ghost towns of the entire American West. Lynn also has the honor of being a featured photographer in the book publication "World's Top Photographers: Landscape" and has been published in Frames Magazine, Elements Magazine, B&W Magazine, View Camera Magazine, Lenswork and other photography publications.

Lynn Radeka currently teaches workshops in Death Valley, Utah, New Mexico and Washington. He will be re-launching his popular Contrast Masking workshops with Jerry Sheridan in Arizona in 2023. Lynn is the publisher and co-author of the Contrast Masking Kit - a technical manual for traditional film-based photographers, which has now been expanded and updated. Lynn feels completely at home using a 4x5 view camera for his film-based work and more recently a Sony A7R mirrorless camera for his digital work.

Please visit the bio page of this website for more information.

About P. Jeffrey Ungar

Jeffrey Ungar is a physicist and engineer with expertise in imaging and computer graphics. His journey into photography began when he was 12 years old and experimented making pinhole cameras that attached to 126 film cartridges. An early interest in astronomy and night photography led him to acquire his first “real” camera, a Minolta SRT 202, and to developing film and making prints in a dark corner of the basement. Over the years since those early days he has enjoyed working in many photographic genres including landscape, documentary, and architecture.

Around 2000 Jeffrey renewed his passion for film photography setting up a new darkroom and attending workshops at the San Francisco Art Institute. There he learned more about artistic vision and techniques used to make compelling silver gelatin and chromogenic prints. For one workshop, he did a night photography architectural study of the SGI Headquarters (now Googleplex) that included a large, hand-stitched panorama of the complex, and a set of photographs of abstract details in the scene. This was displayed at SGI until he left the company.

Jeffrey enjoys the capabilities and flexibility of digital photography and workflows, but he loves working with film best. “I find the limitations and hand-made nature of film photography meditative. It inspires a different kind of creativity.” He began shooting with a 4x5 Chamonix view camera when he attended his first workshop with Lynn Radeka in Death Valley in 2019., and this has become his primary film medium. He looks for ways to use modern technology to enhance and support traditional methods without replacing them.


Washington Photography Workshop Registration

Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2024

Limited to eight paid participants

Inquire regarding space availability and other questions or to be placed on a reserve list

Location: Beginning in Glacier, north of Seattle (depending on our final itinerary)

Tuition: $2400.

Washington Workshop 2024 - Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2024.

Deposit $1200
Remainder $1200

Deposit is non-refundable if cancelled on or after July 15, 2024. Remainder is due on August 15 and is non refundable after that date.

Duration: 5 Days.

Materials to bring: Cameras (digital or traditional),
accessories (film, storage media, changing bags), lodging money and food money

Ride sharing is certainly an option, sharing the gas, car expenses and lodging costs.

Contact: Lynn Radeka via e-mail for questions or more information. Anyone not receiving a quick response via the contact form please email Lynn's alternate email address LR20042004@yahoo.com

Complete list of workshops with registration at: https://www.creditcardworkshops.htm/


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