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Pin-Registration Carrier Systems

Negative carrier systems for optimum masking results.


".... your registration carrier system is the one thing I can't live without in the darkroom. I could go back to graded paper. I could go back to a cold light head. I could go back to a condenser enlarger, but I would never be without one of your registration carriers! I have two (one with regular glass and one with anti newton ring glass) and am going to get another in case something happens to one." - Anthony Beckesh - photographer More testimonials
The Precision pin-registration glass negative carriers are individually hand-crafted and pre-adjusted to work perfectly with the accompanying Precision holder frame. Made of sturdy, black-anodized T6 hard aluminum, the 4x5 Format Precision holder frame is 7/16 inch thick and will easily fit nearly all popular 4x5 enlargers as well as some smaller and bigger enlargers (see below). The new 8x10 Format Precision holder frame will easily fit nearly all popular 8x10 enlargers including Durst, Devere, Omega and Beseler. The Precision Carrier System is designed for speed, ease of use and amazing repeatable accuracy, even on extreme print enlargement sizes. The standard system includes holder frame, pin-registration glass carrier, matching registration punch, black paper base for mask-making and black foam pad (to facilitate mask-making). A sheet of Duratrans diffusion is also included with all Anti-Newton ring versions to assist in mask-making. No other equipment is needed for mask-making and printing with or without masks. Also includes complete instructions for use and calibration (the system comes perfectly calibrated when it is shipped) and a 100% size template to use as a guide for attaching pin-registered leader strips. Complete system includes the Contrast Masking Kit packaged in the same box for a substantial savings. For more information and examples of some masking techniques, please visit Maskingkits.com.
A major benefit to the Precision system is that your original negatives are never punched (the former Condit system and some other systems required punching your original negatives). Only a leader strip of scrap film, taped to the extreme edge of your negative, is punched. This actually facilitates handling of your original negatives and allows all masks to be stored separately from (not taped to) your original negatives. The large 1/4" diameter punched registration holes ensure greater accuracy than the tiny Condit System holes.
Photographers using the excellent but very expensive Condit registration systems (no longer available) will find this system is easier and faster to use, particularly when replacing negatives or masks in the glass carrier - even in total darkness! This system is far more efficient at a price far less. Also, the former Condit systems cropped into the edge of a full negative making it impossible to print any of the image at the edge of the film.
Anti-Newton Ring Glass Carriers are now available for all size systems. Many modern thin emulsion films, such as Kodak T-Max, are sometimes prone to Newton ring problems when using clear glass carriers, even on the emulsion side! Some "sandwich" masking techniques, such as Highlight Masks, Contrast Reduction Masks and Unsharp Masks can also increase the chance of Newton rings appearing in skies and other smooth areas of the print. These premium quality Anti-Newton Ring carriers are made with special high quality single-side acid etched glass (both top piece and bottom piece, or mixed if you prefer), reducing or eliminating the possibility of Newton Rings. These ANR carriers will yield beatiful, finely detailed crisp images without impairing the sharpness and smoothness of the image in any way, regardless of the degree of enlargement. Absolutely NO texture whatsoever will show on the print, regardless of the degree of enlargement. Furthermore, they can be used for making masks as well. These upgraded carriers are available in both standard and complete systems (see table below). If you prefer, you can choose clear glass for the bottom glass and Anti-Newton glass for the top glass. Simply order the Anti-Newton version and add a comment to request clear bottom glass. 8x10 systems come only with Anti-Newton Ring carriers (clear glass not available).
The 4x5 Precision Carrier Systems have been tested by photographers on the following enlargers, and found to be just as precise on each: Saunders 4x5 (all models), Omega 4x5 (all models), Beseler 4x5 (all models), Durst 138S and Zone VI 4x5. Photographers have also reported that the system works perfectly on Zone VI 5x7 enlargers as well. The 8x10 Precision Carrier Systems will fit most popular 8x10 enlargers including Durst, Devere, Omega, Beseler with 8x10 conversion heads and Kostiner.
* Anti-Newton Ring carriers are perfect for use in all cold-light or diffusion light enlargers but are not recommended for a point-source or a condenser head enlarging system.
- Contrast Masking Kit and Carrier Systems price list -
Contrast Masking Kit - NEW VERSION! (for any enlarger size or contact printer) $94.95
4x5 and 8x10 Precision Carrier Systems
Enlarger size
Complete Carrier System - Includes Precision pin-registration carrier, holder/frame, two-hole punch, solid foam base and Contrast Masking Kit*
Standard Carrier System - Includes Precision pin-registration carrier, holder/frame, two-hole punch and solid foam base (does not include Contrast Masking Kit)
Precision Pin-registration glass carrier only **
Precision Holder/Frame only **

Please add appropriate shipping cost:
Carrier systems - 4x5 - $20 within USA, $60 outside USA,
8x10 - $40 within USA, $85 outside USA
Contrast Masking Kits - $10 within USA, $30 outside USA
All 8x10 carrier systems: Please specify enlarger type during the checkout process.

* The extra set of registration pins that normally come with the Contrast Masking Kit are not included in the Contrast Masking Kit that is bundled with the Complete Carrier System, since registration pins are already attached to the glass carrier. All other Contrast Masking Kit items are identical to purchasing the Contrast Masking Kit separately.

** Glass carriers and holders are offered separately here only for use as replacement parts. Please note that each "holder/frame" unit can have only one carrier calibrated to it at a time. You cannot switch freely from carrier to carrier without re-calibrating the holder/frame matching that specific carrier.

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Precision Pin-Registration Carrier Systems- 4x5 and 8x10 orders
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Note: If you prefer clear glass for the bottom glass and Anti-Newton glass for the top glass, simply order the Anti-Newton version
and add a comment to request clear bottom glass during the ordering process.

All 8x10 systems come only with an ANR glass carrier. When ordering an 8x10 system please specify enlarger type during the checkout process.


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