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Pin-Registration Carrier Systems

4x5 and 8x10 negative carrier systems for optimum masking results
The perfect tool for precision printing and contrast masking in the traditional darkroom.
Effortlessly make and use Unsharp Masks, Contrast Reduction Masks, Highlight Masks,
Shadow Contrast Increase Masks, Fog Masks, Dodge/Burn Masks and much more.
"Beautifully designed, elegantly simple, gorgeous in its precision and repeatability-
Radeka's combination registration printer and negative carrier
will greatly simplify the masking process.
It will delight persons dedicated to the epitome of photographic art."

Dr. Dennis McNutt - photographer, author, teacher
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Precision Pin-Regsitration Carrier System.
Pictured here is the "complete system - 4x5 "
which includes the Contrast Masking Kit.
Note: The Contrast Masking Kit has been expanded and revised.
The picture shown here has not been updated.

Since the introduction of the Precision Pin-Registration Carrier System in 2003, major improvements and upgrades have been made in design and function. Registration is extremely accurate allowing prints exceeding 30" x 40" (from a 4x5 negative) to be made using any masking technique, retaining registration so precise that errors cannot be seen even on close visual inspection. Precision machining and ultra-smooth flat-black anodizing contribute to the look, feel and function of every carrier system.

Thanks to the generous and gifted photographers for their valuable feedback and suggestions in helping me fine-tune and improve this carrier system throughout the years, including John Sexton, Bruce Barnbaum, Dennis McNutt, Dave Frieder, Gerard Sheridan and Steve Francis. These and so many other outstanding talents have helped assure the long term continuance of traditional methods and materials in the world of fine art photography. Lynn Radeka, 2005


Accurate - This system was designed primarily to assure repeatable accuracy, even at very high image magnifications. The pin-registration glass carrier will land in precisely the same spot each time it is slid into the holder frame, assuring perfect and repeatable registration. This is essential for some masking techniques as well as double-printing special effects and multiple-exposure separation negatives.

Easy to use - The holder frame remains in the enlarger throughout the printing session. The carrier easily slips into and out of the holder frame. Negatives and masks can be easily and quickly placed in, and removed from, the carrier under safelights or even in total darkness without fumbling, speeding up printing time with masks considerably and reducing the danger of breaking the glass carrier.

Sturdy - The holder frame is made of black anodized hard aluminum with black Sentra spacers and is designed so that it cannot easily be damaged through standard use. The glass carrier is made with a "hinged" float glass, eliminating the possibility of dropping the float glass when replacing negatives or masks.

Versatile - This system allows for easier making and printing of masks. The holder frame can be used in a "front loading" position or can be rotated 90 degrees allowing side loading of the carrier. Also, the carrier can be used both to make masks and to print with masks. With most enlargers and light heads these carriers will allow you to print your entire negative area without cropping out important areas near the edge of the film. Awkward contact printing frames are no longer needed to make masks. Making masks and printing with masks has never been easier.

Adjustable - Should they be needed, replacement carriers and holders are available individually. The photographer can make fine-tuned adjustments which may be required when using a replacement carrier or holder.

Cost effective - The cost of the entire system - Precision holder frame, Precision pin-registration glass carrier and accompanying two-hole punch, costs less than half of the former Condit registration systems.

Universal - The Precision Holder/Carrier system will easily fit most 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10 enlarger types and light head combinations. It will also fit some bigger and smaller enlargers. The 4x5 version holder/frame unit is 7 1/2" square, and 7/16" thick. The 8x10 version holder/frame unit is 13 1/4" wide, 14" deep and 7/16" thick (depending on specified enlarger). Simply determine if this size will fit in your enlarger's negative stage with the head raised (with the negative stage "open").

Safe - Your original negatives are never punched with this system!

Details of the Precision Carrier System - PDF booklet

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