"I entered my darkroom at 6 am last Sunday, and crawled out at 6 pm.
I was using your contrast masking kit and carrier system, and I'm happy to say that I am hooked.
I feel as if a portal has just opened up for me!" Roy Pope - photographer, AZ

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SCIM and CRM mask example from the Contrast Masking Kit:
Straight print (no masks)
Straight print | CRM + SCIM (Final print)
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Top left image (straight print - no masks): Print on grade 2 paper with no masks, only moderate dodging and burning. Highlight contrast is appropriate, but shadows are dark and empty, lacking luminosity and vitality. Overall print looks "gaudy" and harsh. Top right image - With CRM and SCIM (Final print): Print on grade 2 paper. Print made from the original neg and CRM sandwich (to open up the shadows and reveal detail and light) followed by a second exposure using a SCIM mask to deepen the fine black accents within the broad shadows. The result is luminous, open shadows revealing an increase of detail and "life" within the shadows. The final print exhibits a true sense of texture and light throughout - something that would be impossible to achieve by standard methods.

FOG MASK example from the Contrast Masking Kit:
Chesler Park straight
Chesler Park with Fog Mask
Straight print (no masks)
Straight print | CRM + SCIM + Fog Mask (Final print)
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Top left image (straight print, no masks): Print made on grade 3 paper without masks. Sky was moderately burned in, but needs to be much darker to preserve the brooding stormy feeling. Excessive sky burning would affect the standing rocks which project above the horizon. Elaborate burning tools could be made but would likely result in an artificial over-burned look. Background rocks are of the appropriate value. Bushes and shadow areas are dark and "lifeless". Going to a softer grade paper makes the print look very dull in both the shadows and light values. Top right image - CRM plus SCIM plus Fog Mask (Final print): Final print made on grade 3 paper. Print made using a sandwich of the original neg with a CRM, followed by a SCIM mask exposure. This served to open the shadows, sharpen edge detail a bit, and reduce the harsh feel of the overall image while maintaining good crisp contrast within the shadows and darker values. A final exposure was given to the print using a Fog Mask pin-registered in the enlarger. The sky was softened and darkened substantially, without any noticable edge effects near the standing rocks at the skyline. Some additional burning was done locally with the fog mask in order to smooth-out some of the distracting areas mostly along the edges of the image. The improvement in the aesthetic mood of the print is substantial and the final print has a somber yet eloquent quality.


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