"Lynn Radeka's masking kit is sophistication through simplicity.
Just by looking at his sample images, one must agree that nobody can argue with success.
The handbook and the technical articles alone make this kit a real value for the money."
Ralph W. Lambrecht - photographer/author, Way Beyond Monochrome, UK

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Contrast Masking Kit

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By utilizing one form of masking or another, the photographer can have far greater control, from subtle to extreme, on his print quality than paper grade or developer changes alone can allow. In most cases the results from contrast masking cannot be duplicated, or even approached, by standard photographic techniques such as altering development, split filtration printing or utilizing different paper grade/developer combinations. Masking adds the further benefit of local contrast control (altering contrast within specific areas of the image) and when used in conjunction with variable contrast papers the methods for obtaining stunning print quality are practically limitless! All of this is accomplished without subjecting the original negative to any potentially damaging situations such as chemical reduction or intensification. In all of the masking procedures discussed in the kit, the original negative is never damaged or punched in any way.

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The Contrast Masking Kit contains some materials which otherwise may be difficult to obtain. Some of the masking procedures in this kit have not been previously published and are the result of Lynn Radeka's experimentation over the past 35+ years, and some have evolved from experimentation during the Contrast Masking Workshops. Master photographer and teacher Dr. Dennis McNutt, along with photographer Mark Jilg, wrote three of the masking articles included in the kit as well. Whether you're a beginning photographer or an experienced professional, you'll find the techniques detailed in this kit amazingly easy to follow and apply. The bottom line: Contrast Masking is easy to do, very inexpensive, not overly time consuming and can have a remarkably profound effect on your print quality - so much so that it just may change the way you view fine-printing forever!


Contrast Masking Kit, NEW UPDATED VERSION, contains:

Two Registration pins (1/4" round to fit standard paper hole punches).* Please note that the original negative is NEVER punched or marred in any way when using this system. These pins can be used to easily make your own pin-registration carrier system with the instructions included in the manual. The Precision Pin-Registration Carrier Systems are also available for photographers who want extreme accuracy, ease and efficiency in mask-making and printing.

One sheet of 5.5" x 5.5" diffusion material - the ideal textureless diffusion material for use in making masks, printing, and "on the scene" pre-exposure in the camera. It is far superior to other kinds of diffusion sheets. Because it is thin and flexible (a translucent film) it can be sandwiched in between masks and or negatives while maintaining perfect pin-registration (essential for some masks). New - waterproof material and more scratch resistant.

A book of complete instructions on various techniques, including mask making and use. It includes articles on the SCIM (shadow contrast increase mask), CRM (contrast reduction mask), and HLM (highlight mask) by Dr. Dennis McNutt and Mark Jilg, with complete instructions on making a pin-registration negative carrier for your enlarger. Also includes detailed information and instructions for making Unsharp Masks. Dodge Masks, Fog Masks and Special Contrast Increase Masks, Inkjet masks, Custom contrast reduction masks, balanced SCIM (balanced shadow contrast increase masks) and Spotting masks by Lynn Radeka are also discussed in detail, with step-by-step instructions, diagrams and illustrations for making and using each type of mask. Comparison illustrations give the reader a good example of how each mask affects the print.

Instructions and formulas on procedures that Lynn Radeka uses the most, including his highlight "brightener" bleach formula, Ansco 120 print developer, and SLIMT contraction development of the negative for high quality results.

Darkroom printing records for documenting printing manipulations, including dodging and burning with masks, etc. These record sheets may be Xeroxed or copied by the user.

Discount voucher worth $50 off the purchase price of any Radeka original print off of this internet site.

A CD with screensaver, slideshow and desktop images in clear resolution Black and White along with descriptions of which masks or other techniques were used. The CD also includes informative interactive masking examples and Inkjet Dodge Mask Photoshop actions (with reference color file) for automatically generating inkjet dodge masks optimized for shadow or highlight control - especially beneficial when using variable contrast printing papers!

* Note: These pins are not included if the Contrast Masking Kit is purchased as part of the "Complete" Precision pin-registration carrier system. The carrier system already includes pins attached to the glass carrier.

Now also available are the long-awaited Precision Pin-Registration Carrier Systems.
These professional systems are designed to make the process of mask-making and printing a breeze.

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Contrast Masking Kits may also be ordered with the Precision Pin-Registration System at a bundle discount. For details and ordering click here.

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