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It can be very difficult to remain objective when trying to produce an excellent print in the darkroom. In the early 1970's I showed my portfolios to a number of master photographers. The feedback they gave me, both of a technical and aesthetic nature, was invaluable in achieving the next big step in my photographic skills. It is often said that the single greatest thing a photographer can do to improve his/her photographs is to view lots of good photographs. It is just as valuable to have other photographers give personalized constructive feedback. This works well in small workshop situations where the instructor views a participant's prints and gives constructive comments. However, it's not always possible to attend workshops on a continuous basis and get personal attention to your images.

Recognizing the need for this kind of service to photographers, whether beginning student or advanced professional, I'm offering a program where I can view your prints, test strips, masks, and/or negatives in a manner that is not rushed as it might be in a large workshop

  situation. This service includes viewing up to three prints and/or test strips, three masks or mask tests, three original (or duplicate) negatives or negative tests and responding to the photographer in written form with my suggestions, ideas, and technical analysis (where appropriate or requested). This includes reading densities in test negatives (for example, calibrating film speed and development for Zone System use), viewing masks and determining if they were made and/or applied appropriately, viewing negatives to check for optimum exposure and development to achieve the photographer's intended vision, and of course, viewing prints and/or test strips. I won't strictly adhere to the rule of "three" items as I would like to keep this program as informal as possible so that I'm not restricting your submission in any way (within reason, of course). If you feel that the number of items you'd like to send for my analysis/critique is not within reason, feel free to contact me and let me know how many items you'd like to send.

Please download, print and fill in the Submission and Contact Information Form and include in your package. Contact me for mailing information.

Consultation service includes:

  • Print analysis - Send prints and/or test strips, including before/after comparisons if you wish. I will view these samples and give comments of a technical nature, such as how I might suggest altering values in the print to achieve a particular result (with masks or other approaches), print color (degree of toning, etc.), shadow contrast, highlight contrast, sharpness, and any other elements that you request feedback about or that I would think is constructive. Please give as many details as you can regarding paper brand, print developer used, contrast grade(s) used, and, most important, how YOU feel about the print and what you hope to accomplish in your print.
  • Mask analysis - Send any kind of mask or masks, including interpositives used in the making of final masks. I will view the masks based on the information you give me regarding your intended use of the mask (and the end result you're after) and offer suggestions on how to improve the masks or alter them for the effect you desire. I may even suggest alternate masks or other approaches to achieve specific results. Again, please furnish as much information as possible, including the type of masking film, developer when making the masks, development time, etc. Most important, please tell me what YOU want to accomplish in the print via the use of masks or alternate methods.
  • Negative analysis - Send me either negatives, duplicate negatives, or negative tests. Original negatives or duplicate negatives ideally should correspond to any prints or prints tests you're including in the package. If you're doing Zone System (or other type) calibrations for exposure and development, please send the original exposure/development negative tests and indicate where on the negative you'd like me to read densities. Also it may be helpful to indicate what kind of enlarger light head you are using (diffusion or condenser). If you have determined a target density range for your test negatives (such as, a density range of 1.35 from film base to Zone 8, for example), please let me know that as well. I may be able to give you an approximation of an ideal developer time/film speed for your next test or even a final result if your test negative is very close. If you're not sure what density range you're after, I can make suggestions based on your enlarger light source type, and whether you'd like to standardize your Normal negatives for printing on grade 2 or grade 3 paper.
  • Other feedback - I'm happy to try and answer any questions you might have regarding the technical aspects of printing or exposure and development of original negatives. This is an informal service so ask away! I may not be able to provide knowledgable answers in all areas, but I will do my best wherever I can.

  • The fee for this service is $100 (US Funds) and return shipping must be included in your package (unless paying in advance by credit card). If paying in advance by credit card, please choose a shipping fee which will be close to the actual return shipping fee of your package (within reason). You may also include a check or money order, made out to Lynn Radeka, with your package. I will mail the complete package back to you (preferably via priority mail within the US) packed in the same box I received it in. I will return the entire package including a written analysis with suggestions and comments, within 2 weeks after having received it from you. If I'm out of town during the time I receive your package, it may be a bit longer. Please download, print and fill in the Submission and Contact Information Form and include it in your package. Contact me for mailing information.

    Although I take the greatest possible care in making sure your original negatives or prints are not damaged in any way, I cannot be held responsible for loss or damage. If you are very concerned about the possibility of loss or damage, I suggest not sending original negatives and enclosing any film (masks, negatives, etc.) in a plastic bag within the box to protect them from moisture or water damage during shipping.